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All Ivy League Tutoring teachers:

  • Have studied at one or more of the best universities in the world including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, M.I.T. and the University of Chicago;

  • Are in the top 1% of the U.S.A. in their knowledge of mathematics and English as measured by the Graduate Record Exam;

  • Have been selected for their exceptional ability to recognize what a student needs to learn and for their exceptional ability to teach that material at the practical level of how to get an answer and at the theoretical level of why that is the way to get an answer;

  • Are excellent motivators of previously uncommitted students;

  • Have been thoroughly trained by our staff in how to teach;

  • Are continually supported by other tutors and aides who work to help them improve their teaching;

  • Believe that any healthy person who is properly taught and properly motivated can become a genius;

Many tutors have distinguished themselves in professional life.  One was a college president for eleven years, has published an 800 page volume of American history and is a reading and writing specialist who has helped countless elementary, high school, college and graduate students to learn to read and write better.  Another tutor has over 150 scientific publications.  A third tutor has led University of Chicago students as they studied in China and has recently completed the translation of an academic volume from Mandarin Chinese to English.  Two others have written mathematical algorithms to better predict the stock market.  A sixth tutor is serving as an editor/coach for a high school student as he writes his first science fiction novel.